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Ensay is a very special mare having won ridden, done well at dressage, survived nearly 5 months box rest when in foal and with foal at foot when she broke her leg... due to her fantastic temperament and Elgin is her 6th living foal. Sadly she lost a lovely black colt foal with colic when they summered with Kitty Lucas and I now wonder if it was Grass Sickness as it was not a normal colic. Her 4yr old Eorsa is featured on HPEC message board winning in the show ring and a yearling full brother, Ernest, is waiting to follow suit when he has a new owner.

Ensay& Elgin Summer and very

Ensay and Elgin

Summer of Torlundy and very smart colt foal 'Rousay' by Alick. Summer is a fairly rare pony as she is part Rum breeding hence her glamorous colour!

Summer and Rousay

Skye anddaughter

Skye's filly foal 'Sheil' by Mcinnes




Eriskay and Emmaline

Update July 2011 - New Foals at Fleetmead!

More beautiful foal pictures can be found in Foals 2011 (under 'Ponies' heading), all photos pop up when you click on them.

It is with great sadness that I report Deirdre lost her beloved Alick of Litigan in early October, when D feels up to it then she will pay tribute to this wonderful renowned Stallion.

Alick of Litigan...

Winter news from Fleetmead

Still having absolute lousy luck with BT and sending and receiving emails! Please do try to contact me again if you have not heard back from me!

Desperately trying to get in touch with a lady who has part bred Fleetmead Rona and wanted to come and visit her relatives, please do try and get in touch again.

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This was Lorna's second time competing indoors and she was placed 6th in the plain Dressage to music despite her feeling a little anxious.

She was much happier and more confident in the Costume class (depsite the ears telling you otherwise in the picture!).

We always try a new outfit and musical piece to keep it interesting and fun.

Lorna and Deirdre Dressage

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