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Archive 2012!

Well not a brilliant end of 2011 and the start of 2012 with the sad news that Matt lost his beloved Fleetmead Tanera to Equine Grass Sickness, so very sad for such a promising partnership.

I am hoping very much that 2012 will be a better year all round and we can recover from some dear losses of much loved ponies.

As you may know from reading through my Archives that I sold Ronay back in 2008 to a lovely home in Scotland, I hadn't heard about him of late but I have just received a wonderul picture of Ronay in his Scottish surroundings.

This was a lovely surprise especially so after losing Alick late last year. Here he is looking very majestic:

Ronay ronay in scotland 2

Fleetmead Ronay - scroll down for exciting update!

ronay home

Ronay At Fleetmead

A Very Tough Decision with Happy Ending




Many of you will know my bay pony Burnside Holly who has been such a wonderful performance pony and turned her hand to everything with success. Latterly she only liked shows with atmosphere excelled at dressage to music, tolerated straight dressage although thought it pointless going round a little square, brillant side saddle pony, jumped being extremely brave and forward thinking as long as you conned her into thinking she was doing what you wanted

Two years ago she won both the plain clothes and Pas Seul at London and SE Dressage to Music championships which she had tried so hard to win, been very close but beaten by a minimal amount sometimes so having finally acieved it I decided to retire her whilst at the top. Like her rider she was getting a bit still and creakey at times and needed careful planning what competitions she did.

She had been shown quite a bit, always a problem as a lot of southern judges didn't know what breed she was being bay but still good enough to be placed at the Royal Internatonal and was lead pony in our highland dispay when we went to Chantilly to the Prix de Diane representing Scotland. Stupidly whe she was young I never gave her a year off to have a foal and at 18 she was too old and precious to have a first foal.

Having quite recently made a plan for my ponies future if I dropped in a heap I had arranged that Holly would go to Sue a long term friend who lived at Frome, had been here as a working pupil in the 1980s and still a friend but after a lot oif thought decided it was selfish on my part not to let her go now whilst she was able to do lots with the girls and teach them things but a totally horrid day when she went and will always be much missed so here's a photo overload


20 Burnside-Holly-Ch-M-and-M-H 19 10 Holly-delicatesse hollylsedtmchscostumeedited 157

One of the biggest reasons I decided Holly could go to Sue's family was the look on her face every time I went out in the horsebox without her, she was not amused having always led such a busy life.

Elizabeth's first side saddle lesson last August

After she was collected just after Christmas she went first with the family to spend a couple of days at Sue's parents riding with cousins for the first time so this is Elizabeth on her first ride away from here.

Finally the photo I got as a birthday card this month of Holly and Elizabeth which I think says it all and made me much happier as Holly is already much loved and weather permitting leading a busy life again.

hollyscdmessagehpec1 hollyandElizabethnowfriendsatFromefeb2012 elizabethsidesaddleohollyaug12058-1 hollyandElizabeth1stridemillFarmdec2011

Never been so cold.


Summer has had nearly 18 months from being ridden, had a super foal and then been sat on about half a dozen times, shoes on and weather permitting (not) back to being ridden. Was conned to do a riding club competition today as club I belong to wanted to do a team dressage comp, teams of 4 , 3 to count we were a team of 3!!!!!!!!!!!


Had to be up by 5am to feed ponies before I left, freezing hard again, horsebox total block of ice and could not open ramp, doors or anything, de icer inside horse box...

Took half an hour to load luckless pony, roads bad and icy and muggins Robinson first to go in competition, so cold could hardly sit on pony let alone ride her and no footmarks being first in in arena to follow!

When Summer is happy she has very special line in snorts. Dragon like to frighten opposition, sadly her boiler was frozen too so she couldn't produce smoke and flames from her nostrils to terrify her rivals. She didn't go brilliantly but after so long off was a good girl and made it to the end of the test. no idea how the team did as it was a huge entry with some very high class dressage horses but my club being small were just pleased to have a team there.



An update from the team Dressage - Summer was 4th in her section and our team was 2nd! Really pleased as we were the only team who only had 3 members instead of 4 so no score to drop and our RC are thrilled with it's first team success!!!

He's home !!!

Fairly recently I asked for help to try and contact Ronay's owner and with help from various people that was accomplished.

Top priority was to know he was o.k but having lost Alick fairly recently my wildest dreams dreamt of finding a way to get him back.

It seems my enquiries were in the nick of time as Jerry, his owner told me they hadn't decided what to do with him as their last brood mare died last year and needed to make a decision pronto etc etc, didn't believe it would happen as had so many problems with arrangements so didn't want to tell anyone till he was here.

RESULT When Gavin Jamieson brought Dinty's pony from Rum, Ronay came too so is now home and after being a bit gobsmacked at the sight of the other ponies as gather he had been living on his own for quite a while he is settling very fast into his old routine but not amused that he can only look at girls from a distance for at least another couple of months.

His future is even safer if I drop in a heap as he now has a joint owner in Matt Hartley, who's got my Skye and gave me a lot of moral support when I was trying to get him and will make sure he's safe for the rest of his life, think he's quite keen to ride him too!! Ronay was backed and ridden a few times but a very long time ago. If Matt does ride being a part owner he can't sue me if Ronay is a bit frisky although he was very easy to back and the first time he was sat on by Sue, who's daughter now has my Holly, he was trotting and cantering loose round the school balanced and forward going like an old horse not a baby very quickly and really enjoying himself so another photo overload which i took today.

When Gavin brought him the first thing I knew he was unloaded and Gavin coming through my gate, he'd been here before so knew where to come so service with a smile from Gav again.

Ronayback3Gfrontviewtrot Ronayback1 Ronayback2 RonaybackGside Ronaybackrolling RonaybackGhead RonaybackheadG IMG_4979

Last year I had two major issues on my mind, firstly ongoing pipeline problems still not solved as now proved due to shoddy work on part of contractors, no top soil as now 10 feet down and solid clay on top, plus mains drainage - dating back to early 20th Century - which runs across my land and with original Estate long since vanished, no one even knows where they come from but were still functional, kept my land well drained and emptied into the corner of my field and the pond next door in an elaborate system similar to the old filter beds that used to be, I think on the old sewage farms. Bill Kear, well known for his outdoor arenas and all things equestrian connected to the land visited recently and said for £125,000 could be put right... as Water company have no intention of paying me compensation you can guess their answer to this, although at this moment Bill hasn't got round to sending the report to the land agent.


There is now a very real threat of Grass Sickness and it seems a 3 year old I had to have put down last year was a victim although stupidly I did not know vets could do tests after the animal was dead and there was no point sending more money I would not get back, so this is the main reason why I must cut down on number of ponies here.

I knew too last year that time was running out for Alick so despite all I have already said decided to try and get as many mares as possible in foal knowing it would be a last chance. Some by Mcinnes I had decided to sell as obviously I could not use Mac on them if I wanted to breed but that all changed too when against all odds Ronay returned to Fleetmead in February this year, I had anticipated no foals next year but hopefully now there will be one or two little Ronay's about!!!


Alick did me proud getting 7 out of 8 mares in foal, especially as the last one, out of Glenmuir Rebecca who was only covered once on a brief visit to me in August, has produced a smashing colt which might be a potential stallion carrying both Alick's precious old blood lines and may be a replacement t the ill-fated Manderley who has children now living in Nova Scotia and I believe one or two more expected in Kent.


Alick's foals:

Honesty mouse dun filly out of Harebell

Hebe mouse dun filly out of Ewetree Fleet (reserved)

Unnamed yellow dun filly out of Tiree

Unnamed yellow dun filly out of Hope of Kewstoke

Unnamed yellow dun colt out of Marnonwells Fionn

Manikin colt out of Glenmuir Rebecca


One or two of these folas will be available at weaning - please see my new 2012 foals page with pictures - names to faces will be updated shortly!!!

Catching up Aug 2012

Glenmuir Rebecca had Alick's last foal born at the end of July, I ordered a filly but think Rebecca wanted a replacement for the ill fated Manderley!

Rebecca has lived with a friend for the last couple of years and has been visited by a little girl called Millie she's four now but to start with could only brush the bottom bits of R's legs, ride her with dad by sitting in front of him and help wash her tail and so on. Rebecca loves the attention and also loves children. She came back to me to have her foal and so the pics are of Millie visiting Rebecca and Manikin for a second time.

Manikin really is a Manderley replacement with a fabulous temperament from day one as you can see, and reckons all humans are his best friend.

Rebecca, Millie and Manikin ...

rebeccaandmilliesept12 060 058


Fleetmead Stockay is rising 5, standing around 13.3hh and has had a great start to his ridden career.  He is excellent to handle, catch, farrier etc, he can live in or out and is a general allround fun pony. He is a comfortable forward going ride, he loves jumping and is used to all teenager antics with his current young rider! He will excel in any sphere. Priced to reflect current market at £2100 ovno.

Stockay is also listed on the sales page.

015 016 017 019 020

Macbeth has been having fun in France with Sophie, he was entered into a competition called 'l'aptitude pour cheval de loisirs' which judged him as an in hand pony firstly as he is still too young to be ridden but he was judged on his conformation allowing for outdoor work.  His handler Emilie has him for short training sessions and here you can see them facing the challenges of the competition such as walking over a tarpaulin, walking under a washing line, walk without flinching, past different 'spooky' things and as he is over 4 he had to jump a couple of jumps of decent height - I think the pictures speak for themselves  as Macbeth sailed through all of the tasks loving every minute and he has been awarded the highest grade of 'élite'! Sophie is thrilled with his progress.

Fleetmead Macbeth