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Archive 2013!

This will be be a fairly short update as 2012 has been another difficult year thanks to the Sutton and East Surrey Water Company co's pipeline coming across my land. In a nutshell having lived here for roughly 50 years I do know the land, how to cope with a number of ponies on it, carry on with my breeding programme of Highland Ponies in the interest of conservation and in a way in which suits the ponies natural lifestyle as much as possible.

For the last 3 years now this has not been possible and so many things have happened which would take another year to relate. If once the contractors were off my land and allowing for reseeding and fencing back to its original state it would not have been so bad although would have made difficulties for about 18 months but now with incorrect work being done regarding drainage etc most of the time a large part is unusable due to even in a wet year an abnormal amount of water lying on the land in the vicinity of the pipeline and as a result mares have not been able to foal out as the norm. Very recently drainage experts came and it seems to cure the problem is possible but very expensive but unless its done properly land will always remain in it's present state. It is very unlikely Water co. will pay in the same way - they say no compensation etc etc as they have the right to do this.

Moan over but as a result I have to work very long hours moving feeding ponies each day which gives me the excuse for being so late sending Christmas wishes. I only competed at 2 competitions this year, Dressage to music in costume as Braveheart with Summer my Rum pony, not quite up to Olympic standard but she did well. As some of you may know my old stallion Alick was living on borrowed time and so as a last ditch effort I was encouraged to get as many mares in foal as possible as his bloodlines are now very rare; he did me proud and has left a great legacy but also with more foals than normal adding to the pony problems.



Happy new year, failed dismally sending cards due to struggling with what the weather chucked at us but thank God I don't live near a river and one needs to remember how awful it is for those coping with floods.

Pic of foals etc munching hay and refusing to be outdoor ponies... everything has had to go in every nook and cranny in the barn to come out of apalling mud, quad given up as it sinks, hay vanishes in quagmire instantly etc. have never had to bring everything in before.

Summer only just made L and SE Dressage champs in October due to under run sole and problem kept coming back despite 2 farriers seeing her, finally expensive vet visit who wanted different treatment etc etc.

Just before Christmas Ensay had bad lymphangitis so more big vet bill to follow but touch wood she is on the mend. Stockay and Herb will hopefully be shown this year if they are not sold so they can add more strings to their bows, not much time to ride with weather being so foul but hopefully if we avoid the snow then ponies can begin to be chucked outside again!

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It's been months since website has been updated and to date a very mixed year with more downs than ups.  After 4 years still having major land problems and battles with Water Co responsible for pipeline on my land and all original extensive drainage sytem wrecked.  Has finally been agreed that drainage expert can do remedial work to improve the situation but whilst it is going on will have virtually nowhere to put ponies out but it has got to be done.  As for compensation I have not heard a word from the Water Co...

On the downside too 3 special ponies have now crossed the rainbow bridge and as soon as I can I want to write a special tribute for them.

One of the few good things, those of you that remember Ronay returning home from Scotland we now have 2 very smart foals that are his, one is mine out of Ensay who was Ronay's permanent wife and only had to be separated at Christmas when she got lymphangitis, I ordered a filly so got a colt now christened ELLIOT, and already showing enormous talents which will make him an extra special world famous ballet dancer!!

The other Ronay baby is a filly out of Hope of Kewstoke who's now owned by Matt and she is very special too so they'll be updated soon.