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News 2014

Yet another very belated update as still suffering from the effects of the pipeline and I have finally had to accept that with the permanent damage to the land that I have got to cut down the number of ponies here drastically. I have now got to feed them hay all the year round so the ponies are happily munching through my savings!


I am very anxious that the ponies that are sold will, when possible, go to homes where the females will have the chance some time in their life of breeding an odd foal and so help to preserve some of the old bloodlines they carry. I also have a yearling colt who I'd prefer to sell to someone who had the facilities to run him on as a possible stallion but if no one interested or he is not good enough he would be gelded.


There will be a completely new sales list in the next few days!


Competitions have been limited as not really had a schooled young pony to show this year and now I cannot run fast enough anymore most of the babies have stayed at home.

Summer qualified again for the London and SE Dressage to music championships and was placed in both her classes at the final. Sadly the competitions were marred by a very bad sound system so without exception everybody's music was distorted and hardly recognisable, so not many people went home happy.

I also did a few Walk Trot Dressage competitions on Herb Robert and despite being a bit shocked at some of the places I took him to he did consistently well and qualified for two local championships, but I abandoned taking him anymore as I have now only a horrid little Movano horsebox and whilst he travelled well he hated being left on his own in it and it was not worth the worry of having a problem if I was on my own, a real shame as he has super natural paces. As he is a special pony he has not been sold but is leant to a very competent person who lives close to me and who I can trust 100%.


This has been the first year I have had no foals although Rebecca has been living with Ronay, he needs a permanent wife for company, she lost it late last year, a fluke I knew as if she had been outside and it was tiny the foxes would have removed it pronto but she had it on one of the few times she was in a stable. No other mares had been covered. Rightly or wrongly Ronay had two wives this year so fingers crossed there will be babies in the late spring.







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Here we have Fleetmead Herb Robert at a Christmas Show at a Riding School. Proving to be very relaxed and having a great time taking part in some of the classes with Lucy and her friends, I missed the fancy dress class with Lucy's little boy riding him dressed as an elf! They all had a great day with super support and Herb came home with two rosettes.