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NEWS 2015

A visit from Abi and Jay in mid february to test Jay's horse photography skills - not too bad for a non horsey man, the ponies co-operated beautifully until they sussed our game and decided to not join in anymore as they were far too clever!

Best efforts put in and here are some of the photos of them showing off, Eilidh would have posed all day for us but Mannikin, Sheil, Ernest and Elgin were not to be left out!!

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Fleetmead Mannikin 2yo Mouse Dun Colt

Fleetmead Sheil 4yo Cream Dun Filly

Fleetmead Elgin 4yo Mouse Dun Gelding


Fleetmead Ernest 5yo Mouse Dun Gelding

IMG_5924 IMG_5935

Fleetmead Eilidh 7yo Mare


Here is Stockay, looking absolutely stunning and being put through his paces by his new owner Zoe!

She has done wonders bringing him on at home and getting him out and about to pony parties. A cracking pair working together and they are sure to be stars of the near future.

Photos courtesy of Zoe Smith

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Sheil is now in her new home with Barbara, she is a very much longed for Highland Pony and has settled in very well and stolen a few hearts already!

Photos courtesy of Barbara

Fleetmead Ernest is now in Essex with his new mum Carolyn, he has just started to be backed and is being brought on slowly. He is a stunning boy and is very easy to do and has settled in well with his new herd. Carolyn will have him as her future riding pony to take over from her main riding horse.

Photos courtesy of Carolyn

Foal time!

We have just two this year at Fleetmead, more pictures to follow, I will keep you all updated very soon.

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