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Flown the nest!

822 007-3 Fleetmead Euan Fleetmead Eilean Fleetmead Herb Robert Fleetmead Kia Fleetmead Eorsa Fleetmead Flanagan Skye anddaughter Fleetmead Skye 006 Fleetmead Doune 080
Fleetmead Macbeth
089 Ewetree Golden Grouse

Grouse pictured (left) with Kia (right) living the herd life in Essex!

A very happy Macbeth living the good life in France with Sophie.

Doune now living in Scotland with her dad - Carlung Kylestrome.

Skye is now living with Matt and his other Highland Mare.

Fleetmead Eorsa or better known as Georgeous George! - A fab allrounder for the whole Bushaway family, joined by Fleetmead Flanagan who is growing up with his little people fast.

Both Euan and sister Eilean living together in the beautiful Dorset countryside.

Kia is now In Surrey with Emma and Herb Robert is in his new home with a good friend of mine.

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                               (Alick x Sarah) featured above, successful in hand and broken in 2 months to take part in RC 'Braveheart' Quadrille qualifier! Now happily living in Belgium (pictured below) with her foal Walasay.

                           - Alicks first living purebred Highland ex Succoth Sarah. Successful broodmare of pure and part breds including Fleetmead Ronay. Moved to Cumbria in the hope of being a crofter's pony and then sold to Deedee in Islay leading a perfect highland life of leisure. Still hope she will repay Deedee's hospitality and be a mum again!

news05c Fleetmead Shuna Fleetmead Sanday

Torri lives in Essex with Em, he takes part in many RC activities and Showing and is a fab, quiet allrounder - as proved that one can play on ones phone whilst riding being a great testament to his nature!

Fleetmead Torridon 004 Little Westlands Bonnie Doon bon4 bonnie3 bonnie2 bonnie

Bred by Kitty Lucas who had become too frail to cope with ponies but still needed an interest in them, Bonnie was born at Fleetmead but then spent most of the summer back at Kitty's till she was weaned - Kitty always hoped the grandchildren would have her but this was not to be as their interests lie elsewhere.

We backed her rode her on, showed her in-hand a few times and from day one she was an easy forward thinking filly and loved attention and brilliant in busy show situations, was then in Devon for a little while, leading a varied life either teaching novices to ride or having lovely gallops on the beach.

She had to be rehomed as the girl who part owned her was expecting her second child and couldn't cope ponywise anymore, Sheena then bought her!

Succoth Holly

Whilst here at Fleetmead Holly had four foals:

Harebelle who is now with Matt and has had two fillies herself, both yellow dun, and making Holly a Granny!!

Heatherbelle who will hopefully have updated news very soon!

Herb Robert who is in Surrey and

Hawthorne, a charming gelding who sadly was pts last year with severe colic just as he was about to be backed etc.

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I gave Holly back to Laura at Succoth, Strachur where Holly was born hoping that she might be bred from and re-start the stud but after mixed start when Holly thought she'd do her own thing - her and Laura now have a happy arrangement and both getting much pleasure hacking in their fantastic Scottish countryside.

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