Stallion 1989 - 2011

Reg No: 61/91

Born: 11/05/1989

Height: 141cms

Colour: Yellow Dun

Breeder: Mrs. J Valentine, Ballyoukan, Nr Pitlochry, Perthshire, PH1 65JS


Alick proved to be one of the best performance ponies in the country having won the HPS Performance Award and best stallion three times in succession by a very wide margin. It was a great relief to both him and his owner/rider when they decided to retire from this competition whilst they were on top! Alick has been very successful in the show ring and in the dressage arena and has many wins, placings and championships including the following shows: HPEC Malvern, NPS Area SE and East Anglia, Kent County Show of England, Hickstead, and Royal International, etc.

He has been successful in dressage up to elementary standard beating many expensive warm bloods in the process. Now retired from serious competition he just competes now for fun but regardless of whether he is ridden regularly or not his manners are beyond reproach when in mixed company and he did in fact take part in the qualifier for the Riding Club Quadrille of the Year competition in the company of three mares, one of which was his daughter.

He has produced super part breds from all types of mares and has noticeably improved the conformation when covering mares of Arab breeding and many of these are now winning in the dressage arena and show ring. He passes on his lovely pony head to his pure bread offspring and the only ones shown have won at county level. Alick is a very special pony with an outstanding temperament and has proved of enormous value in starting to found a dynasty of the type of active performance ponies that the stud is trying to breed.


By Cameron ex Aileen of Campsie

Alick of Litigan

Very sadly Deirdre lost her beloved Alick in October 2011. When D feels up to it this page will be updated x